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International Excess Baggage Shipping Shipping Service in London with Reloux

Excess Baggage Shipping Service
In London

When it comes to moving from one town to another or one country to another, it always ends up becoming an anxiety-induced process due to all the luggage that has to get shipped and shifted with it.

How to get an international Excess Baggage Shipping service in London, what will be the overall cost?


So many questions make this process of yours trying to start your new life or career or shipping anything to a loved one who is residing somewhere else, a stressful course.  


That is why hiring an international shipping service in London is the best thing that you can do to make your shipping journey as smooth as possible. With baggage shipping service in London, one can easily relocate to any part of the world be it in any direction. All excess Baggage shipping services come with a promise to make your journey a lot more comfortable.  


Moving to any unknown place requires a lot of work and hiring a Excess Baggage Shipping service reduces this work to almost half. 

Advantages of hiring an International Excess Baggage Shipping Service in London

  • Easy tracking: When you hire a excess baggage shipping service in London, you are easily able to track the whereabouts of your luggage by contacting the shippers or through your mobile phone.

  • High Transparency: The whole process becomes very transparent due to easy tracking features and by hiring an international excess baggage shipping service.

  • High Accountability: Your excess baggage shipping is taken care of with special attention and made sure it reaches the correct place at the correct time. Your luggage gets handled with care by experts.

  • Packaging: No need to worry about packing when you hire a good baggage shipping service in London, as they take care of the packaging themselves and when the packaging gets done by the experts there are higher chances that whatever is being shipped will remain safe.

  • Reduces paperwork stress​: When you hire an international excess baggage shipping service in London, they take care of all the paperwork related to the baggage, hence decreasing your paperwork stress as well.

  • Professional Services: All your baggage related activities once picked up for shipping are handled by professionals who have years of experience and know-how to handle different types of luggage, be it heavy or fragile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire Reloux?

All the advantages stated above are provided by our excess baggage shipping company. Reloux is a company that has gained its fame in the industry of international shipping service in London due to its high delivery quality and attention to every detail.

How Reloux is different from other shipping companies?

Reloux provides shipping services over a wide range of services that are not provided by many movers, such as:

  • If you are planning for international relocation or excess baggage service, you will be guided by one of our move manager who will help you through the whole relocation process.

  • Office relocation services are also provided by us to small, medium, and large, all types of businesses.

  • We help in baggage shipping services from London to various countries like the US, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and many more.

How Reloux is handling the Pandemic?

Our company was the first in line to implement all the stated precautions in the government to give guidelines. We have opted for safer working and social distancing as the new normal in our relocating work. All our removers have been provided with the proper training and safety protocols that they have to follow while going through the whole shipping process.

Does Reloux do pet relocation as well?

Yes, Reloux is one of the first companies in international shipping services in London to provide for pet relocation as well. Your pets are taken full care of while they get shipped and delivered to your new residence.

How does your company ship all this luggage?

Reloux deals in excess baggage shipping services in London through all three means of transport, i.e., by air, sea, all of them. For quick deliveries, the air route is taken, for huge shipments, the sea route is taken and for shipping of valuable goods, the road route is taken under the guidance and security of our expert’s team.

Who is the best international excess baggage shipping service provider in London?

With the understanding that every move matters whether it is a domestic office or international relocation that you’re planning. Hence, you would need services that will provide an all-in-one package, i.e, from packaging to transiting to delivery, and in this category “Reloux” international shipping services is the one that stands out. This company offers shipping and relocating over 200 destinations around the world.

How much is international shipping to London?

To get a proper quote for your luggage that you want to shift to London, you can directly visit our website, click on the international moves column and select international move volume calculator. This will provide an easy-to-use calculator that will give you an estimate for your international shipping. Or you can also directly get a quote if have the measurements of your property.

Is international excess baggage shipping available in London?

Yes, international shipping is available in London and Reloux international shipping services is one of the company’s that packs, collects, loads, ships and delivers your goods to every corner of the world. 

Is Excess Baggage Shipping service available in London?

All the advantages stated above are provided by our shipping company. Reloux is a company that has gained its fame in the industry of international shipping service in London due to its high delivery quality and attention to every detail.

How do I ship my package to London for Excess Baggage Shipping?

Reloux services provide shipping of packages, relocating, and many other domestic and international shipping services all over the world and also in London.

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