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is just all about precision

"Office Relocation Service in London": Transporting all your furniture and equipment can prove challenging – however, at reloux, our comprehensive office relocation make the process stress-free, efficient and cost-effective.

Our professional team have 30 years of experience working to meet the demands of the commercial sector as "Office Relocation Service in London"-"Office Move in London" and business removals in London. Over the years we have established great relationships with some of London's leading office and commercial trade partners, helping to ensure that moving an office is complete to a high standard.


By choosing reloux for your office relocation, you will be assigned a project manager on site to ensure your removal runs smoothly, from planning through to execution and aftercare. Also, to ensure that your employees are not disturbed during the removal process, we offer out of hours’ services including weekends and bank holidays.

Office Relocation Service in London | Office Move in London


Before booking your office move, contact us to arrange a specialist to visit your office and provide you with an estimation of the cost of completing your "Office Move in London". Once your fixed price quote has been finalised and approved, reloux team will schedule your office move job at a time and day that suits you.



Our specialists team at reloux can work with your IT team or provide our own IT team to dismantle and reinstall all your IT equipment, ensuring a seamless transition from your old office to new that won't disturb your company employees and, consequently, productivity in the process.


Health and safety is a key factor when carrying out any office removal, which is why we offer a free health and safety assessment, as well as a risk assessment, at both the collection and delivery address. Your office relocation consultant will then ensure that your business relocation is carried out with utmost care to ensure that the project guarantees the safety of your employees, as well as our own reloux team. All our employees adhere to strict client confidentiality agreements, however, for extra peace of mind, prior to your moving offices ervice being completed, reloux will provide you with sturdy crates to ensure you can pack up any confidential equipment safely before our arrival. Before your office removal is carried out, you will be provided with a detailed plan that will be subject to approval to ensure everyone is happy!


Office Relocation Service in London | Office Move in London

In addition to our comprehensive office removals services,

we also offer a variety other removals and relocation services that help to make

office move easy.


If you are leaving your current office and won’t be moving into your new office for

some time, our removals storage services allow you to store your furniture and equipment

securely and cost-effectively. This includes archive storage.



If you need to dispose of any furniture or equipment, or need confidential documents shredded, we can help. We have years of experience in adhering to green regulations to ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of your unused or damaged office furniture and equipment. If you deal in paper, or have done previously and are moving over to digital formats, we provide an extensive confidential and secure shredding service. 

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