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Moving to Russia with Reloux 


Moving to Russia may look like a very daunting prospect but it is an amazing country which can offer a truly unique experience. Whether you are moving to a busy Moscow, Russia’s cultural centre Saint Petersburg or any other city, Reloux is here to help you with your relocation to Russia.


Moving abroad requires vast experienced, Reloux highly trained international move managers will ensure that your household hoods and personal effects arrive safe, your temporary or permanent residence is ready and your immigration status is sorted. Being one of the best UK's international move management company, you can rely on Reloux!


Reloux will help you with:


  • Moving to Russia your household goods and personal effects from anywhere in the world

  • International shipping to Russia

  • Local Russia relocation

  • Emigrating to Russia to work

  • Emigrating to Russia to reside

  • Full Relocation to Russia

  • Russia visa

  • Russia customs documentation

  • Temporary and permanent residence in Russia and origin country

  • Settling in services in Russia

  • Russia school search

  • From shipping small boxes to full containers and trucks to Russia

  • Shipping by air to Russia

  • Shipping by sea to Russia

  • Shipping by road to Russia


Whatever relocation services you may require, please contact our experienced relocation managers now.


Life as an Expat in Russia


Relocating to Russia can be quite daunting at first but this amazing country which has so much to offer. Spread through 9 different time zones, Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia has a rich history and cultural heritage, hundreds of museums and monuments. Russia can offer expats an opportunity to enjoy natural wonders such as Lake Baikal, spectacular mountains, deserts, rivers and forests.


Relocating to Russia can be rather challenging. Russia is making significant economic progress and many of western businesses are establishing a presence in the country. These developments have brought large numbers of expats into the country, where majority are based in the busy cities of Moscow or St Petersburg.


Russia is considered to be the most expensive country in Europe. Moscow was ranked 4th most expensive city in the world and St Petersburg - 28th. However, expatriates can live an affordable life here if they relinquish some of the luxuries and adopt a more local standard of living. While housing here can be very expensive, other items such as groceries, public transport and petrol can be acquired quite reasonably. Reloux can offer a high quality household goods and personal effects shipping to Russia. 


Russia is a country with a strict visa regime. Hen moving to Russia you must apply for a Russian visa and you should make sure that visa type is consistent with the purpose of your visit. It is visa holders’ responsibility to check that information in the issued visa is correct. The visa terms must be complied with.


The facilities available to expats living in Russia’s bigger cities are very good and there is a good availability of international schools and healthcare facilities. 


Relocating to Russia is often synonymous with moving to Moscow or St Petersburg in the minds of many expats-to-be.

But being the largest country in the world, with its rich culture and history, there are many more places in Russia that attract expats.


Here are a few samples:


ReMoscow - The Capital, aka expats hotspot

Saint Petersburg - Russia’s cultural centre

Yekaterinburg - Place of natural resources

Novosibirsk - Siberia’s industrial sector

Nizhny Novgorod - For all the IT gurus