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Say hello to Bella and Oscar and Tag. They  just arrived to London 

from 9 hr fight from Phoenix and getting ready to see the love ones

Pet Transport Service

Yes, We all have pets and and soon they coming in they seat the place place in the house, We love them as member of family no mater what hey do for in fun time.

Reloux specialise in transporting pets door to door, by  road and Air. Pet importation and relocation wherever you move. Our team provides all pet services and handle all the import, export and transit pets form UK and to UK. The beautiful state of the art lounge for pets facility and caters to the needs of all pets. With completely separate areas for dogs, cats, birds, and other pets, this bright spacious air conditioned centre puts pets needs first. 


Our reloux highly dedicated team of animal lovers ensures that while away from their families, We do everything possible to reassure you and them that they are surrounded by those who care and encourage them to feel they are among friends. 


As Reloux approved veterinarians partner we chose this profession as we are advocates for all animals. Knowing the intricacies of veterinary health certificates, vaccination protocols, blood testing, ensures that your pet receives only the correct treatments and dosing, at the required intervals in order to travel. It also means that the veterinarian and the pet relocation work side by side, as a team to put your pets needs first, and provide you with service that exceeds your expectations.

If you have questions about any of the options below, or further requirements please do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to hear from you. 

  • Our service fully included, Free Trained pet consultant service to advise with Pet shipping snd protection plan.

  • Collection from your home to our stat of art kennels or transport it straight to the airport

  • Worldwide tracking  for your pet in transit no matter where you are traveling.

  • Reloux Pet Protection plan built into rate of your pet move

  • Quarantine services cab be arranged

  • Free transport to check-in 

  • Look after them before the flight

  • Organise full documentation

  • Flights and Pets arrival services including customs clearance and delivery if required

Choosing a pet relocation company or animal move courier for your pets is about confidence and trust.


At reloux will help with your pet relocation requirement, Reloux as experienced pet transporter and travel specialists based in London, UK, reloux pet move service we will ensure your pet is cleared to travel whilst ensuring the most important things are not neglected your pet’s safety and comfort while transported to your new home.

As specialists we can arrange all the documents and vet’s requirements, arrange flights, collect your pet from wherever you are in the UK and take them to the airport in one of our bespoke specialist air kennels facilities across UK.

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