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Removals to Switzerland with reloux from UK

Removals to Switzerland

 Moving To Switzerland From UK With Reloux

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Removals to Switzerland

Are you planning to move to Switzerland, officially known as the Swiss Confederation, the country situated in western-central Europe? It’s a great choice.


Keeping the reasons for your removal aside, here’s why moving to Switzerland is a good option. Providing an amalgamation of cultures from all over Europe as it has neighbored with Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, it is truly a great place to move to. For the same reason, Switzerland has 4 official languages.

Apart from the culture, the highlights of the country are its beautiful sceneries, the mountains are a sight to behold, as Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man. The climate can vary from location to location like the snowcapped mountains offer glacial conditions while other areas can offer a dry summer environment. The standard of living and opportunities for businesses are very high which makes it an ideal location to set up your business or even to move with your family.

Being the center for business in Europe, Switzerland has one of the best economic structures. If you are looking to set up your business over there, you would not be disappointed. The same is the case if you are looking for better career prospects. Within the domain of just finance, insurance, and banking, Switzerland offers the highest average incomes on the planet. Education is also a strong point for the country, with a literacy rate of 99%, it offers some of the best schools and universities in the continent.

Keeping the above pros of the country in mind, moving to Switzerland should be a no-brainer.

Removals to Switzerland


Clearing up your Enquiries:

When moving to any international location, you should have a conversation with an International Removal Management Service like Reloux so that you don’t face any difficulties in the "Removals to Switzerland" process. We at Reloux provide all the necessary guidance so that the removal of your home, business, etc. is stress-free and doesn’t cause you anxiety. The support team at Reloux is very friendly and well-informed and can answer all your queries related to your move to a new country so contact us now.

Now that all your questions are cleared up, the actual moving process can begin.

Taking a Look:

Reloux sends over a qualified professional to survey all the possessions of your house or place of business, you need to move to Switzerland. This is necessary in order to find out the capacity required and what the procedures are that need to be followed while "Removals to Switzerland". This helps us figure out the storage needed to be allocated for the number of goods needed to be transferred. This comprises of going through all the property and making a comprehensive list of the possessions. Any more questions that arise during the process can also be answered.

Storage Units:

Moving to a new country can be a difficult process. You will probably need storage units in the country from you are moving from and in Switzerland because some possessions will be moved preceding and subsequent to your "Removals to Switzerland". Reloux helps you in either case because we have partnerships with various storing facilities in all the countries we move to and from.

Packing Up and Transport:

All of your possessions have to been taken care of especially items like fine art or delicate things that must undergo specialist packing service. Leave all that to us, we send over a team for the removal process once your order has been cleared. They do all the packing, keeping you tension free. Equipment or machines must be dismantled and packed properly before moving otherwise there can be chances of damage.

After that, Reloux makes the shipping process entirely seamless due to the years of experience gathered doing removal services.

Setting you up in Switzerland:

When arriving in Switzerland, we ensure that all your belongings are cleared through Swiss customs. Our coordination team directs you prior to the "Removals to Switzerland", to provide the necessary documentation for the goods under transfer, so no problems occur during the fact. When this step is done, you will get all your goods at your doorstep to set up your new home in Switzerland, all ready for your new beginnings.

We are able to move anything from a few small personal boxes to the entire house contents or business offices.

We offer door to door service delivery, regardless of the country's destination. We are fully equipped for whatever you have to ship and send, no matter the fragility. 


We provide full packing and unpacking service as well as a full dismantling and reassembling of furniture in our "Removals to Switzerland" service. Our experienced and skilled team can pack anything.



If you’re planning to move to Switzerland, then why not send us your inquiry and our friendly and knowledgeable reloux team will be sure to give you the best quote out there. We also include in our service Customs Clearance, helping you with all the necessary documentation and paperwork to make the process easier for your move.



  • Reloux covers vast shipping destination cities in Switzerland including  Geneva, Zürich, Basel, Lausanne, etc.

  • Air Freight and Road Freight Shipping to and from Switzerland

  • Our Freight Insurance will cover the goods for the full value declared and will not be subject to the limitation of a carrier's bill of lading
    Shipping and Service like "Removals to Switzerland" have never been easier and we guarantee quality service!

Reloux will help you with "Removals to Switzerland":


Moving to Switzerland your household goods and personal effects from anywhere in the world

  • International shipping to Switzerland

  • Local Switzerland relocation

  • Immigrating to Switzerland to work

  • Immigrating to Switzerland to reside

  • Full Relocation to Switzerland

  • Switzerland visa

  • Switzerland customs documentation
  • Temporary and permanent residence in Switzerland and origin country
  • Settling in services in Switzerland
  • Switzerland school search
  • From shipping small boxes to full containers and trucks to Switzerland
  • Shipping by air to Switzerland
  • Shipping by sea to Switzerland
  • Shipping by road to Switzerland


Whatever relocation services you may require, please contact our experienced relocation managers now.

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