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15th May 2024
Team reloux are delighted to announce sponsorship of

Oleksandr Zheltiakov
(Swimmer) for Paris 2024
Summer Olympics.



Team Reloux is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of Oleksandr Zheltiakov, a talented swimmer, for the Paris 2024 Olympics. We are proud to support aspiring young athletes like Olek as they pursue their dreams.

Olek comes highly recommended by a former swimmer and his manager. Hailing from Ukraine, Olek's journey to the Paris 2024 Olympics is particularly inspiring given the current situation in his home country. We are delighted to make a small contribution to his efforts to represent Ukraine at the highest level of competition.

At Reloux, we will be closely following Olek's progress and cheering him on in all his races. 

22nd May 2020
Team reloux are delighted to announce sponsorship of

Jakub Skierka
(Swimmer) for
Tokyo 2020
Summer Olympics.


international athletics community help with reloux
reloux international athletics community with J Skierka
reloux sport sponsorship

This is a very proud moment for us! We are so happy to be able not

only to inspire but to support younger generations in their future dreams.

We know Jakub (Kuba) for the last two summers. We even had great time windsurfing together!  Reloux team have watched his progress very closely

and we can’t wait to be part of his swimming adventure.

reloux- Jakub Skierka international athletics sponsorship

At Reloux we know everything is possible as we always aim for stars! Hard work, love and passion

defines reloux for you!

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