If you considering moving to Italy? Well, it’s totally worth it. Whether it’s the rich Italian cuisine that calls on you or the majestic cityscapes and the magnificent landscapes, this country is for people of all tastes. Combine this with the glorious weather, the country has to offer and you have paradise. You have to spend a single day by anyone of Italy’s 250 beaches to experience the bliss. Or if you looking for winters, travel towards the Alps. The Italians are welcoming people enjoying their lives to the fullest. The rich history and monuments of Italy are on a level of their own for example the Colosseum in Rome is one of the greatest works of architecture of ancient times.

Italy can’t be named without mentioning its food, it’s almost synonymous. Known internationally to be one of the best cuisines. You may be able to eat Pizza or Pasta about anywhere in the world but it is nothing compared to the ones you will have here. Then again, Spaghetti Bolognese, Risotto, Lasagna, Veal Milanese, Osso-Bucco, Spaghetti ale vongole with clams are also some of the must-try dishes here. Apart from culture and cuisine, Italy has the least cost of living when compared to its neighboring countries, this is a reason why it is such an attraction for people looking to move.

Education-wise, Italy has some of the unrivaled universities and colleges in the world which can be a really good opportunity for young ones or if you yourself want to study further. All in all, Italy is a great spot to set up a life, a career or even a business.

Clearing up your Enquiries:

When moving to any international location, you should have a conversation with an International Removal Management Service like Reloux so that you don’t face any difficulties in the process. We at Reloux provide all the necessary guidance so that the removal of your home, business, etc. is stress-free and doesn’t cause you anxiety. The support team at Reloux is very friendly and well-informed and can answer all your queries related to your move to a new country so contact us now.

Now that all your questions are cleared up, the actual moving process can begin.

Taking a Look:

Reloux sends over a qualified professional to do a survey of all the possessions of your house or place of business, you need to move to Italy. This is necessary in order to find out the capacity required and what the procedures are that need to be followed. This helps us figure out the storage needed to be allocated for the number of goods needed to be transferred. This comprises of going through all the property and making a comprehensive list of the possessions. Any more questions that arise during the process can also be answered.

Setting you up in Italy:

When arriving in Italy, we ensure that all your belongings are cleared through Italian customs. Our coordination team directs you prior to the move, to provide the necessary documentation for the goods under transfer, so no problems occur during the fact. When this step is done, you will get all your goods at your doorstep to set up your new home in Italy, all ready for your new beginnings.

Moving abroad requires vast experienced, Reloux highly trained international move managers will ensure that your household goods and personal effects arrive safe, your temporary or permanent residence is ready and your immigration status is sorted. Being one of the best UK's international move management company, you can rely on Reloux!


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Life as an Expat in Italy


Italy is highly developed and is one of the founding members of the European Union. Expats from all over Europe account for almost 6 percent of the population.


The cost of living in Italy is higher than in many other countries within the EU. You will find that the living costs will vary according to the area of Italy within which you decide to live. The standard of living in generally much higher in the cities in the north of the country when compared with those in the south. Milan, Italy’s most expensive city, was named as the 38th most expensive city in the world. 


If you are moving to Italy, you are about to experience a very high quality of life. Life here is relaxed and enjoyable and the vivacious nature of the Italian people means that it is always interesting. The Italians are a welcoming nation and therefore foreigners who are intent on living here will not find it hard to strike up friendships.


Many people are moving to Rome or relocating to Milan due to large expat communities there. Many westerners choose to retire to the rural areas where they can live out their years in the relaxed and beautiful Italian countryside.


It is very easy to live and work here if you are from a country within the EU. However, citizens from non-EU countries are required to apply for visas and work permits – the easiest way to enter the country on business is to be offered work. If at any point you require assistance with a visa please contact Reloux relocation managers.


Interesting facts


  1. In Italy, unfurnished means a property is completely empty, with the exception of a bathroom suite and maybe a kitchen sink.

  2. The interest rates charged by many Italian banks are very, very high, particularly for loans.

  3. If you’re a resident and living in Italy, the fees associated with buying a property in Italy can be offset against income tax.

  4. State education is free for the children of foreigners living in Italy, irrespective of whether they’re registered, residents.

  5. After a year's residence, non-Europeans must acquire an Italian license.

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Moving to Italy is an exciting experience. Whether you are moving to a fashionable Milan or      historical Rome, Reloux is here to help you with your relocation to Italy.

Moving to a new country can be a difficult process. You will probably need storage units in the   country from you are moving from and in Italy because some possessions will be moved preceding and subsequent to your move. Reloux helps you in either case because we have partnerships with various storing facilities in all the countries we move to and from.

Full Packing Up and Removals to Italy:

All of your possessions have to been taken care of especially items like fine art or delicate things that must undergo specialist packing service. Leave all that to us, we send over a team for the removal process once your order has been cleared. They do all the packing, keeping you tension free. Equipment or machines must be dismantled and packed properly before moving otherwise there can be chances of damage.

After that, Reloux makes the shipping process entirely seamless due to the years of experience gathered doing removal services.