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Removals Stockholm Sweden with reloux

Moving to Sweden from the UK with Reloux International Moving Service

Removals to Sweden from the UK  

Moving to a new country is always an exciting yet challenging experience, especially when relocating with your family. Sweden, known for its high standard of living, excellent public services, and beautiful natural landscapes, is an attractive destination for many expatriates. If you are planning a move from the UK to Sweden, Reloux® International Moving Service can help make the process smooth and hassle-free. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in your journey to Sweden.

Why Move to Sweden?

Sweden is renowned for its high quality of life, comprehensive social welfare system, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance. It offers a safe, clean, and environmentally conscious living environment, making it a great place for families. The country is also known for its excellent education system, universal healthcare, and progressive society. Additionally, Sweden’s cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, are culturally vibrant and provide numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.



Planning Your Move

1. Research and Preparation:

•    Cost of Living: Sweden has a relatively high cost of living compared to the UK. It’s important to budget for housing, transportation, groceries, and other daily expenses. Major cities like Stockholm can be more expensive, so planning your finances accordingly is crucial.

•    Employment Opportunities: If you are moving for work, ensure your job is secured before relocating. Sweden’s job market is competitive, and proficiency in Swedish can be an advantage, though many companies operate in English.

•    Housing: Research housing options early. Housing can be expensive and competitive, especially in urban areas. Consider temporary accommodation initially, allowing you time to find a permanent home.

2. Visa and Residency:

•    Post-Brexit, UK citizens need to apply for a visa or residence permit to live and work in Sweden. This process can take time, so start early and ensure all documentation is in order. The Swedish Migration Agency website provides detailed information on the types of permits available.

3. Healthcare:

•    Sweden offers excellent healthcare services. Upon receiving your residence permit, register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) to obtain a personal identification number (personnummer), which allows you to access public healthcare.

4. Education:

•    If you have children, research and apply to schools in advance. Sweden offers both public and international schools, and the education system is known for its quality.

How Reloux® Can Help
Reloux® International Moving Service is a professional relocation company with extensive experience in international moves. Here’s how Reloux® can assist you in your move to Sweden:

1. Comprehensive Moving Services:

•    Packing and Transportation: Reloux® provides professional packing services to ensure your belongings are safely transported. They use high-quality packing materials and techniques to protect your items during the move.

•    Customs Clearance: Navigating customs regulations can be complex. Reloux® handles all customs documentation and clearance procedures, ensuring your belongings comply with Swedish regulations.

2. Storage Solutions:
•    If you need temporary storage before your belongings arrive at your new home, Reloux® offers secure storage solutions. They can store your items at the origin or destination, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

3. Destination Services:
•    Home Search Assistance: Reloux® can help you find suitable housing in Sweden. Their local expertise and network of real estate agents ensure you find a home that meets your needs and budget.

•    School Search Assistance: Finding the right school for your children is crucial. Reloux® provides information and assistance in selecting and applying to schools, helping your children transition smoothly into the Swedish education system.

4. Personalised Relocation Assistance:
•    Settling-In Services: Reloux® offers settling-in services, including orientation tours, assistance with setting up utilities, and guidance on local amenities and services.

•    Cultural Training: Moving to a new country involves adapting to a new culture. Reloux® provides cultural training to help you understand and integrate into Swedish society, making your transition smoother.

Making the Transition

1. Language:

•    While many Swedes speak excellent English, learning Swedish can greatly enhance your experience and integration. Consider taking language classes before or after your move.

2. Social Integration:

•    Engage with the local community by joining clubs, attending events, and participating in activities. Sweden has a rich cultural life with numerous opportunities to connect with others.

3. Embrace the Outdoors:

•    Sweden is known for its stunning natural landscapes. Take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle by exploring national parks, lakes, and forests. Outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and boating are popular and offer a great way to integrate into the Swedish way of life.

4. Work-Life Balance:

•    Sweden places a strong emphasis on work-life balance. Take advantage of flexible working hours and family-friendly policies to ensure a healthy balance between work and personal life.


Moving to Sweden from the UK is a significant life change, but with careful planning and the right support, it can be a rewarding experience. Reloux® International Moving Service provides the expertise and resources to make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible. From packing and transportation to settling-in services and cultural training, Reloux® covers all aspects of your move, allowing you to focus on starting your new life in Sweden. Embrace the opportunities and adventures that await you in this beautiful country, and let Reloux® be your trusted partner in making your move a success.




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Planning a move to Sweden from the UK? Discover how Reloux® International Moving Service

1. Removals to Stockholm
The capital and largest city of Sweden, known for its stunning archipelago, historic sites, and vibrant cultural scene.

•    Key Features:
•    Home to the Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum, and the Nobel Prize Museum.
•    A bustling economy with numerous multinational companies.
•    Rich in parks and green spaces, including Djurgården and the Stockholm City Hall gardens.

2. Removals to Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Sweden's second-largest city, located on the west coast, known for its maritime heritage and lively cultural events.

•    Key Features:
•    Home to Liseberg, one of the most popular amusement parks in Scandinavia.
•    Hosts the annual Gothenburg Film Festival and the Way Out West music festival.
•    A major port city with a strong automotive industry, including the headquarters of Volvo.

3. Removals to Malmö
The third-largest city, located in the southernmost part of Sweden, known for its multicultural atmosphere and proximity to Copenhagen, Denmark.

•    Key Features:
•    Features the Turning Torso, an iconic twisted skyscraper.
•    Connected to Copenhagen via the Öresund Bridge, facilitating cross-border commuting.
•    Known for its sustainable urban development and vibrant cultural life.

4. Removals to Uppsala
A historic city north of Stockholm, known for its prestigious university and rich academic heritage.

•    Key Features:
•    Home to Uppsala University, one of the oldest universities in Scandinavia.
•    Features the Uppsala Cathedral, the largest church building in Scandinavia.
•    A center for biotechnology and medical research.

5. Removals to Västerås
A city located in central Sweden, known for its industrial base and proximity to Lake Mälaren.

•    Key Features:
•    A significant hub for the engineering and energy industries.
•    Features the Anundshög burial mound, Sweden's largest prehistoric burial mound.
•    A blend of modern urban life and historical landmarks.

6. Removals to Linköping
Known for its high-tech industry and educational institutions, located in southern Sweden.

•    Key Features:
•    Home to Linköping University, a leading institution for engineering and technology.
•    A center for aerospace and defense industries, with companies like Saab AB.
•    Features attractions like the Air Force Museum and the old Linköping Cathedral.

7. Removals to Örebro
A city in central Sweden, known for its medieval castle and picturesque setting.

•    Key Features:
•    Örebro Castle, a historic landmark dating back to the 13th century.
•    A vibrant student city with Örebro University.
•    Proximity to nature reserves and the Hjälmaren lake.

8. Removals to Helsingborg
A coastal city in southern Sweden, known for its beautiful scenery and historic architecture.

•    Key Features:
•    Features Kärnan, a medieval fortress tower with panoramic views.
•    A significant port and ferry connection to Denmark.
•    Rich in parks, beaches, and cultural venues.

9. Removals to Jönköping
Located in the southern part of Sweden, known for its beautiful lakeside setting and industrial base.

•    Key Features:
•    Situated on the southern shore of Lake Vättern, offering stunning waterfront views.
•    Home to Elmia, a major exhibition and trade fair center.
•    A hub for the furniture and manufacturing industries.

10. Removals to Lund
•    A historic city in southern Sweden, known for its university and medieval architecture.

•    Key Features:
•    Home to Lund University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Scandinavia.
•    Features the Lund Cathedral, a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture.
•    A center for research and innovation, particularly in life sciences and technology.

Each of these cities offers a unique living experience, whether you are seeking cultural richness, educational opportunities, or professional growth. Reloux® International Moving Service can assist you in relocating to any of these cities, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you settle into your new home in Sweden.

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