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pack and Storage in London costing

Reliable and Flexible Storage Service for Your Valuables With Reloux ®

We have available both self- storage or containerised storage from wooden storage containers and 20 ft and 40ft shipping containers storage.

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Our Pricing e.g.

Our London Storage price is calculated per week.

We can invoice you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This is your call.

Example storage prices based on volume (cubic feet) for the furniture and personal effects:

Removals and Storage in London

55 Cubic feet for
£18 per week

Storage rate in London for removals

100 Cubic feet for
£22 per week

Storage rate in London

200 Cubic feet for
£28 per week

Secure and Convenient Storage Service in London for Your Belongings

When it comes to finding a reliable and trusted storage service in London, look no further than our premier facility. We understand the importance of keeping your belongings safe and secure, whether you need short-term storage during a move or long-term storage for your valuable possessions. Our storage service offers a range of benefits to ensure the utmost convenience and peace of mind.

At Reloux we thrive to provide our privet and corporate clients best services for storage and packing of your goods. Our Storage facilities are safe, affordable and reliable. The storage units can be used for a single item to an entire building or office. They would be in the safe weather proof warehouse suitable for Fine art storage, Domestic storage, Student storage, Office storage and Commercial storage service.


At Reloux we provide best solutions for all of your private and corporate

 storage requirements. Reloux are experts in private and corporate storage service solutions and through our dedicated team can provide a thorough understanding of the private and corporate storage industry. We have consultants who will work with you and provide a personal approach to how your organisation can benefit from our services. 

Our team of consultants will ensure your private and corporate

 storage items are managed safety and properly. Reloux have a commitment to a quality service and excellence in the management of your assets.


Whether you are looking for a storage service option for the extra product you have ordered or even a temporary solution for a short term requirement; Reloux can assist. You can also be sure that your corporate storage is in safe hands. All of our warehouse facilities are all monitored with CCTV while we can include inventories and tracking (in and out) of any assets that are stored in our facilities.


Reloux truly are the industry experts in Corporate storage service. You will be assured of the following as a standard:


  • Expert staff/warehouseman to assist with your corporate storage service

  • Clean and dry storage service facilities

  • Corporate storage inventories provided

  • Access on appointment

  • Professional packing and wrapping services

At Reloux we have number of storage facilities across world using our large network partners

Relax Storage Facilities offers a wide range of storage spaces suitable for personnel or Corporate storage requirements. 

Storage options are a cost effective way of storing items either long term or short term with discount rates the longer you stay in storage. offers either a containerised storage solution or a self-storage service solution ensuring that you have the Reloux storage option that meets your requirements.  

Containerised Storage option is based on a storage service container with a volume of 240

cuft a similar size space to a 25 Sq ft. unit at a self-storage facility at a discount rate.



What we can store;


With Reloux you can store a range of items apart from the items listed on our Hazardous

goods form.  So this means you can store with Reloux all your household furniture,

office equipment, archive storage and even your cuddly toys.


How we charge


Reloux has very competitive storage prices with discounted rates the longer you stay.  We offer a minimum storage rental of 1 x week and charge clients per day thereafter so there isn’t a minimum storage contract of a month like most storage facilities and you can be assured that you will only be charged for the exact amount of time used.  Reloux invoices clients either a month in advance, 6 Months in advance (Bi-Annually) or 12 Months in advance (Annually) with any unused storage days being credited back to the client in full. 


Safe and Secure

Reloux takes safety and security of our clients belongings as high priority.  All of our storage facilities comes with 24hr CCTV and 24hr security as standard.  Additionally Reloux offers clients liability coverage for peace of mind to our clients. 

Collection and Delivery


Reloux can provide you with either Removal Service with packing to take your items into storage based on a fixed or hourly rate price.  With Reloux we also can provide clients with the cost of the move out of storage to ensure that all prices are transparent and clear throughout and for peace of mind. Reloux also provides dust sheets and silica gel sachets to provide even more protection to your items.


Packing Services


Reloux can offer you one of two options either we can provide you with the packaging materials for you to pack your items or alternatively we will send a fully trained packing team to pack your items.  Reloux also provides clients with individual labels and a copy of the inventory for all of the items collected. 


Packaging materials


Reloux has a wide range of packaging materials suitable for all items in the home and office from Archive boxes, Tea Chest Cartons, Wardrobe Cartons, Bicycle Cartons and bubble wrap.

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