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office fit OUT
& dilapidation services

It is quite an important decision when it comes to choosing

a workspace /office fit out contractor one can rely on.

Reloux will meticulously work on every detail of your office project to ensure all aspects are delivered above and beyond.

Office Fit out Services

Construction Team Management at Reloux always provides

the highest quality service possible. Regardless the project

size we have one of the best teams to create required space

for every office fit out project.


Whether it is a painting and decorating project, curtains and

blinds installation, procurement of a large display TV/monitor,

furniture, flooring, lighting/electricals, reception fit out, space

utilising or general maintenance we have the ability and

resources to make it simple and seamless for you.

Dilapidation Service


It is well recognised that the occupation and vacation of commercial property can be a costly business.

 Our comprehensive range of services in the field of commercial dilapidations provides a one stop solution for companies moving office or needing to update the current workplace.

We offer fast track dilapidation option that enables clients coming to the end of their lease a cost-effective alternative to excessive repair bills presented by the landlord.  

Often known as a schedule of dilapidation these steps will need to be completed by an arranged/agreed date.

This may include all the changes to property including wall partition or extend to defects and disrepair which may have occurred during tenancy and it is the responsibility of the tenant to manage and or pay to have remedies on the vacating of the property.

At Reloux we will inform you of what aspect of dilapidation service needs to take place in order to restore the office to its original state.

We can provide time line, during the dilapidation refurbishment, to ensure each area of your property receives the

treatment is needed to look as good as new.


Often known as a schedule of dilapidation these works will need to be

completed by an arranged date. Should dilapidation works not be undertaken

by the tenant, the tenant is liable for the cost of the work if remedied by the

landlord, thus losing the control of the standard of works, contractors utilised and costs involved.

Office Refurbishment

Office Fit-Out

Glass Office Partitions

Office Wall Partitions

Office Doors

Office Carpet

Office Electrical Data Ports and Floor-box movement

Office Decoration and paint

Office Furniture

office Handyman services

Office Relocation services ( domestic or international)

dilapidation and Office Refurbishment service reloux.



''Often towards the end of a commercial lease, landlords will service
notice to the property tenant requesting they undertake a specified
repairs or reinstatement works''

Reloux approach to dilapidation is to offer a transparent services to benefit our clients. Our clients based strategies

ensure each client receives the most effective solution without compromising on quality with all the budgets with best value services. We work to deliver dilapidation project on scheduled time line provided in advanced and within budget on every dilapidation project undertaken.


Our Reloux team of professionals will work with you from an early stage and will advise you on all aspects of commercial and property dilapidation.

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